Travis Garza

President, Kyäni

Travis is an exceptional talent in the direct sales industry and came to Kyäni with a proven track record of sales leadership and innovation. As President, Travis drives strategy, new growth, and innovation at Kyäni.

Before joining Kyäni, Travis was a National Vice President and President of Sales and Marketing for two different direct sales companies, where he served as the lead executive for field support and growth around the world. Under his leadership, Travis implemented strategies that resulted in some of the companies’ most successful growth years, with revenues reaching nearly $1 billion each.

In his 20-year career in sales and marketing, Travis has remained an avid student of network marketing and has worked with some of the most successful leaders in the industry. He knows what it takes to help move a business forward from the very beginning to billion-dollar status. Travis is passionately dedicated to helping people succeed and stays continually focused on implementing new strategies and tools to help them achieve their personal and financial goals.

Travis is also a devoted husband and father of four who loves youth sports, the outdoors, and traveling with his family. We’re excited to have Travis on the Kyäni team and look forward to working together to achieve Kyäni’s mission.

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